The puppet theatre comes from the popular theater of puppets that was born at the beginning of the 19 century. The puppeteers give life to the chivalrous stories taken out from Italian Renaissance poems. The Syracuse’ s puppeteers carry this tradition on since 1923 and their experience is the only one in Syracuse.

What to do:

You will meet the puppeteers in their lovely museum located in the city’s historic center, among historic alleys and flowery balconies, a magic journey to discover the puppets’ history. Plunge yourself into the past to live the emotion of a live show into their theatre just a few steps from the museum. Finally, give a look to the puppet lab.

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Languages: Italian (texts in five languages)
Limited Reservations

I ‘ll give to you: Seats reserved into the theater in the first available rows. Multilingual brochure to better understand the show’s plot.

Costs: 12 euros

For information and booking:


 Via della Giudecca 22 – Ortigia

0931 465540 

347 3810826 – 328 5326600