The pupi theater

L’Opera dei pupi is a popular form of theater born in the first half of 1800. From primordial marionnetes armed with tin, it developed into puppets with detailed features and elaborated stories.

In Syracuse, the pupi found their homebase in via della Giudecca, steps away from piazza Duomo. Travelers visiting town will have the opportunity to discover the small theater in the picturesque neighborhood of Giudecca and to experience again a form of theater that is both ancient and contemporary: l’opera dei pupi.

Since several years the theater organizes a season for pupi shows as well as special shows for tour operators and individual groups, while in the museum located nearby, you can admire the ancient family pupi.

Today as in the past, pupi wait for their spectators behind the scenes, armed of shining swards and breastplates to marvel the eyes of their viewers.