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Rinaldo, the victim of a practical joke by his cousin Malagigi, again finds himself a stranger in an unknown land where he has a run-in with a robber who has abducted an old man’s daughter. The damsel freed, Rinaldo pursues the robber to a castle. The chatelaine of the castle, already informed of these events, tells her men that she has sent some soldiers to apprehend the knight. He had freed the woman intended to serve as a meal for the monster.
A soldier arrives and announces that the knight has slaughtered all the guards and is now making his way into the castle. Rinaldo is shouting out for attention. No one answers. A giant appears and the two engage in combat. Rinaldo succumbs to a clever stratagem and falls into a pit. Rinaldo, in his prison, feels desperate. The old woman tells him her story and says that on the next day he will end up as a meal for the monster.
In the meantime, Angelica paces the gardens of her palace, despairing that Rinaldo, on the Island of Joy has scorned her again. Malagigi, the magician, arrives to hearten her. From him she hears that Rinaldo is in danger of his life and that if she does what Malagigi advises her, she will regain Rinaldo’s love. Angelica agrees. Malagigi tells her the story of Marchino’s death and what she must do to save her knight Rinaldo, deep in the cave, hears the monster approaching. Rinaldo tries to defend himself. Suddenly Angelica arrives. She tries to plead with Rinaldo, begging him to accept her help. But he again repulses her. Rinaldo, having departed from the cave, is beset on all sides by soldiers and giants. Can the valiant knight again succeed in overcoming his adversaries?

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