Became a puppetter. Make your own puppet, guided tour through the museum + show

Puppet theatre comes out from the popular theatre of warrior puppets which was born at the beginning of 19 century. The puppeteers give life to the chivalrous histories taken out from the Renaissance Italian poems. The Syracuse ‘s puppeteers carry this tradition on since 1923 and their experience is the only one in Syracuse.

What to do

Plunge yourself into the puppets’ world from their birth to their to construction going through the amazing show’s experience.

How the puppets were born? This question will find an answer thanks to the experts who will introduce you into the puppet museum and also bring you to the lab then, for living the puppeteer ‘s job and making one little Sicilian puppet using yours hands. Could not be missing in this experience the show’s beauty to find out the secrets, visiting the back stage, you will end your journey eating the delicious Sicilian food into the lovely theatre’s garden; you need to try Sicilian food to keep Sicily inside your heart forever.

Duration: 4 hours

Languages: Italian – English

Limited Reservations

Costs: 150 euros (single) – 230 euros (couple )

I’ll give to you

Expert guide

Seats reserved into the theater in the first available rows.
Multilingual brochure to better understand the show’s plot.

The puppet made will left to the maker.

For information and booking:


 Via della Giudecca 22 – Ortigia

0931 465540 

347 3810826 – 328 5326600